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Coal expansion is proposed all over the planet, yet projects in Asia represent nearly 80% of planned capacity growth worldwide. After China and India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Bangladesh all have significant new coal power projects being planned. 

"Building new coal plants is an assault on the
Paris climate goals." 
 - Heffa Schucking, Urgewald

Asia's ambitious coal build-out is increasingly coming under pressure from two sides: opposition to new polluting coal plants and the rapidly falling costs of solar and wind energy, which are already outcompeting coal-based electricity in many countries. The question isn't whether Asia will move away from coal, it's whether it will move fast enough to keep us within the temperature limits of a habitable climate and world. 

Coal Exit: Divestment Made Easy! 
Video from Urgewald  

BlackRock is the #1 backer of coal worldwide.

BlackRock is the largest investor in companies developing new coal plants.


BlackRock is the largest shareholder of coal reserves worldwide. 

BlackRock’s ownership position :

BlackRock’s ownership position:

Coal is the world's deadliest fossil fuel, damaging people's health, destroying local ecosystems, and acting as the #1 driver of climate change worldwide. All scenarios aiming to keep the world at a safe temperature - including the Paris Agreement - ​involve rapidly phasing out coal. 

Yet coal companies and their financial backers continue to plan thousands of new projects. New coal plants are being planned or are under construction in 59 countries. If all of these plans proceed coal capacity could grow by 33%, putting any climate change targets far out of reach.   

The current number of coal power plants operating will already lead to exceeding the planet's safe climate targets. 

1,320 new coal plants are planned or under construction in 59 countries, an increase of global capacity of 33%. 

Climate impacts:

Coal is responsible for over 800,000 premature deaths per year globally. 

Exposure to coal pollution increases risk of lung cancer, stroke, heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases and infections. 

Human rights impacts:


None of these coal projects can go forward without finance and insurance. The finance industry has invested over $478 B in the world's top 120 coal planet developers since the Paris agreement was signed.


Despite many touting "sustainable investing" strategies, financial firms have increased their investments in coal since Paris. 


BlackRock is in the embarrassing position of being the world's #1 owner of coal.    

BlackRock holds over $11B in 56 coal planet developers. When looking at the top 5 companies expanding coal power worldwide, it is one of the top 5 investors in four of them.


Many European asset managers have policies excluding coal from their funds. BlackRock trails the pack with no such policies.  

Unless investors and banks rapidly cut off their financial flows to coal plant developers, it will be impossible to keep the world to a safe and habitable temperature. 

Click on the link below get involved with the campaign to stop the expansion of coal worldwide.


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A campaign targeting asset managers to stop driving the climate crisis. 


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