BlackRock is Failing on Climate - What's Next? Webinar

What more can we do to stop the world's biggest investor in fossil fuels?

Did you recently show up at a BlackRock’s office demanding climate justice? Did you call Larry Fink and ask him to vote for the climate and stop investing in fossil fuels? Share the campaign on social media? 

Watch the webinar from October 20 and learn more about the strategy and tactics behind the BlackRock’s Big Problem campaign, meet some of the core partners and allies in the network, and explore ways to bring this campaign to your local community.

Follow along with the presentation here

If you are interested in plugging in with the asset owner mobilization work (leverage state treasurers, pension funds to move big asset managers like BlackRock) get in touch with our friends at Climate Finance Action Mary at mary07mac at and Debbie at debbienew2 at

If you’d like to participate in our Hubs/Grassroots Mobilization calls (a space for grassroots leaders to discuss shared strategies and tactics on BlackRock), fill out this interest form.

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